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Band Bio

After an extended period off the kit to raise a family original Def Leppard drummer Tony Kenning is back on the stool to make this more than just a tribute, it’s a personal journey through that early material from ‘On through the night’ plus of course those massive hits that made them a household name around the world. The line up features musicians that have a wealth of experience having toured all over the world playing with such artists as FM, Saxon, Fish, Steve Hackett from Genesis, Tony Martin from Black Sabbath, It Bites, Little Angels and many more. This is a band that can truly do justice to these big rock classics and will leave you wanting more. 

Drums - Tony Kenning

Tony was the original drummer and one of the founder members of Def Leppard. During this period they wrote and gigged classics such as Wasted and Rocks off that eventually found their way onto the 'On through the night' album. After parting company with the lads Tony had success recording and touring with other bands such as Cairo and Ministers of inspiration, Then after a short 35 year break, the time seemed right to get back out there and rock things up a bit like in the good old days. 

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Vocals - Paul  Banks

Paul has a wealth of experience touring the club and festival circuit and even concert venues such as Sheffield City Hall fronting bands including Nemesis and Wild Mcbride. Paul was the final piece in the Shef Leppard puzzle and his gritty vocal style and fantastic range lends itself ideally to the Leppard sound.

Guitar - Harris Nixon

Harris started playing at the tender age of about 14 and by 1983  his band Schaeffer were recording and gigging with the likes of The Little Angels and It Bites. A revamped lineup is still on the go now some 30 years later. Harris went on to form Carnival who have recorded many albums and toured America and Europe playing to around 40,000 people at Europe’s largest biker festival. Carnival still record and gig to this day.  A chance meeting with old pal Tony Kenning began a project that was to become Shef Leppard. This seems quite a natural thing to do as both Harris and lead guitarist Andy Frost "grew up' in the next rehearsal room to Def Leppard at the very end of the 1970's and are fans of the early era Leppard material.


Guitar - Andy Frost

Andy is a seasoned pro on the circuit having gigged and toured extensively since his early teens. At 22 he joined  'Alex' stepping into the shoes of Kev Clarke, the brother of  Leppards Steve Clarke gigging and doing radio sessions and then In 1983 he joined 'Seventh Son' a rising NWOBH band. They signed a record deal, recording an album and toured all over the Uk and Europe. His friendship with Harris goes back to when they were in their early teens and indeed they were playing together in 'Schaeffer' when the Shef Leppard project came up. 

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Andy Scott – Bass

Andy started off at the age of 8 playing Trumpet in the Sheffield youth orchestra before turning to the devil and picking up guitar at 16. After a one off gig on bass for a Lizzy tribute he was hooked and threw the guitar in the bin. Andy has now been touring and gigging for over 30 years with the likes of Saxon, FM and Tony Martin and has released many albums and singles with various original lineups. One of these, Diva had a back catalogue of material from the late eighties re released by Steelheart records a couple of years ago and the guys recorded a new bonus track they never got the chance to put down 30 years ago.  Andy jumped at the chance to join the Shef Leppard lineup as Harris and him have known each other and gigged the same circuits for many years.  

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